Understanding Window Tint Laws

There are a number of reasons why we want car window tinting beside from wanting the car to look good. But whatever our reasons are, we should know what window tint laws we have in our state to avoid violating them.

The law. The rules regarding window tinting can be found in the vehicle code section in your state so better check that out first before heading to a window tinter.automotive tint

Most state laws are concerned with the amount of light transmittance the safety glass of the vehicle gets so if your car is above with the requirement they alow then you are not complying with their rules. Check the law regarding their requirements for light transmittance for the front side and rear windows because they are different.

Medical importance. If you have a valid vision-related condition then you may be exempted with window tinting laws since most states have a medical exemption when it comes to drivers with lupus, sunlight allergy, melanoma and photosensitivity.

If you are stopped by a traffic enforcer, just present your medical exemption documentation and the enforcer will not give you any violation.

Your documentation can contain:

  • a prescription or a detailed letter from your doctor specifying your need for that specific tint.
  • a detail about the specific amount of sunlight exposure you need for your medical needs.
  • the vehicle plate number and type to which the tint is placed.
  • the prescription duration and expiration date.

If you are unsure what laws are in place in your state, you can also ask your car window tinter so that they can guide you in your choices of tint.

Five Outstanding Reasons Why You Should Tint Your Car Window

Window Tint Ipswich

Privacy could be the primary reason why you are planning to tint your car window. But you are missing some vital reasons of doing this. There are more in the list of the advantages of car tinting that you should know. Below, we will explore the top five reasons why car owners are tinting their window.

To Avoid Overheating

One of the studies done by CDC states that those cars parked under the direct rays of the sun can reach the internal temperature of 78 C though the outside temperature is just 27 C. But you can avoid this situation with the use of high-quality window tint. You don’t have to deal with this kind of discomfort as you use your car during summer days.

To Protect Your Skin

Overexposure to the UV radiation can cause skin cancers due to damaged skin cells. The recent study shows that 95 – 99% of skin cancer in Australia is caused of too much exposure under the sun, and the trend is increasing every year. But you have a huge chance of preventing this kind of cancer to happen to you and your family if you tint your car because it can block 99% of the damaging rays of the sun.

To Add Protection During Accident

During an auto collision, the window glass is the most vulnerable part of the car because it can shatter with a little impact. But if you have a tinted window, those glasses can be held together to avoid danger with those people inside the car

To Have A Safer Driving

If you tint the glasses of your vehicle, you are turning yourself into a better and safer driver. The tint will lower the glare of the scorching sun, raging snow and flashing headlights of other vehicles so that you can drive your vehicle better. Depending on the darkness, window tint can reduce the glare up to 93%.

To Protect Everything Inside Your Car

The UV rays are not only dangerous to your skin, it can also be the reason for your car’s upholstery to crack and fade. To protect the interior of your car, you must install car tint. This will give you the confidence that your car is protected all year round.…