How Dark Can Your Car Tint Be?

car window tinting woodendHow dark can you really get your car tinted? That is one question most of you have when you are considering to car window tint your vehicle. Of course, you really have to consider the film you will place on your vehicle as you do not want to break the law.

Each state in Australia adhere to different tinting laws and if you are not careful, your car may be stopped and will be handed a ticket. Another problem that you have to consider is if you ended up having an illegal tint, which could stop you from registering your vehicle.

If you ended up in an accident and the insurance company saw that the contributing factor for the incident is because of the illegal tint, this may make your vehicle insurance null and void. All because you were not able to comply with the tinting regulations.

Following the law:

The allowed visual light transmission or VLT that is allowed in Australia is a minimum of 35%, which does not include the front windscreen. The front side, back side, and rear windows have an allowed of more than 35% VLT while the windshield is not allowed to have a tint except on the uppermost corner with only 10% VLT.

You also need to familiarize the vehicle design codes to help you classify your vehicle which are NA, NB, NC, MD, and ME. These categories are placed on your vehicle’s compliance plate which can be found next to the driver’s seat or in the engine bay.

If your vehicle is truck, an SUV or van, check your compliance plate to make sure that you are allowed to have darker car window tint. In any case, make sure to check the law regarding window tinting so that you can be confident to drive your vehicle and enjoy benefits of a tinted car.